Like all other great Prophets (AS) of Allah, statements of Prophet Muhammad (?) are divinely inspired. Prophet Muhammad (?) never spoke a single lie in his lifetime. So traditions of the Prophet (?) on healing are also true, because Allah SWT says in the Holy Quran, He not speak anything of his own desire (Quran; An-Najm 53:3). So although the Prophets arrival was not as a physician or pharmacist, he was inspired by Allah SWT to make nearly 1000 statements on healing for the benefit of humankind, because man needs to remain well free from sickness to fulfill his brief mission earth.
What is Prophetic medicine: Prophetic medicine comprises the divinely inspired words of therapy of Prophet Muhammad (?). It was practiced during the early days of Islam 14 centuries ago and found very effective. Prophet Muhammad (?) made specific statements on 37 ailments and 61 medicinal plants, herbs and shrubs while making prescriptions for the sick people. The vast number of Prophetic traditions on diseases and remedies & health and wellness became known as Medicine of the Prophet (?) or Prophetic medicine. About Nigella sativa Linn. Abu Hurayrah (ra) narrates that the Prophet (?) said:
“Hold on (use this seed regularly)! Because it is a remedy (cure) for every disease except death. (Bukhari, Muslim)
This statement made 14 centuries ago generated tremendous interest among the worlds scientific community, which finally led them to carry out extensive phytochemical and biological investigations on the black seed and its oil. However, it is amazing that the researchers after carrying out hundreds of researches finally concluded that black seed can effectively cure 129 different types of ailments including diabetes, cancer, Parkinsons syndrome, AIDS and hypertension. This large number of diseases curable by black seed demonstrates the authenticity of the Prophets statement.
Global scenario of diabetes: It is observed that everyday hundreds of patients are seen moving about here and there with their personal treatment files in BIRDEM Hospital. One cannot be sure whether all of them receive any medical care from any physician. It has been reported that 171 million people suffer with diabetes worldwide. In the US there are approximately 26 million sufferers. In the Middle East 7 out of every 10 deaths are attributed to side effects of diabetes. Diabetes is a global epidemic and studies show by the year 2030 the figures will be double. So far there is no standard treatment to achieve required correction of blood glucose in many patients. Hospitals in Dhaka find it extremely difficult to handle this large number of diabetic patients each day.
According to modern medicine diabetes is not curable, it is controllable. But according to Prophetic medicine, it is curable. Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said, every disease has a medicine, and when the proper medicine is applied to the disease as per diagnosis, the disease gets healed by the will of Allah SWT (Muslim). Therefore, since diabetes is a disease, it is curable. Indeed there is an effective Prophetic remedy for the cure of diabetes type2. Recent research shows that Prophetic medicine can effectively cure diabetes mellitus within three months without causing any side effects..
Treatment of cancer Prophetic chemo is the only Answer:. Modern chemo does not cure cancer. Pharmaceutical industries producing chemo drugs are doing billions of dollars profit in the name of treating cancer, not curing it. Side effects of most modern chemo drugs are so severe and disastrous that modern chemo appears to kill a cancer patient before his normal death. It destroys fertility of men and women, and causes early menopause. Sometimes modern chemo produces secondary cancers. It has been reported that sometimes a cancer patient does not die of cancer, but die on chemo. Success rate of modern chemo is also very low. Oncology hospitals or clinics do not maintain any record of the success rate of their patients. On the other hand, modern researches reveal that Prophetic chemo is the safest, cheapest and most effective alternative to modern chemotherapy for the cure of 17 types of cancer. Physicians and doctors interested to know more about Prophetic medicine should visit the website: www.HoneyNigella.com
or send email to nigella.advisor@gmail.com
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