Characteristics of Prophetic Medicine


Characteristics of Prophetic Medicine

By Dr.Mosarraf Hossain

Most of the Prophetic medicines (PM) are preventive and herbal in nature. They are connected to proper eating habits of nutritious and lawful foods. Amount of food to be taken daily and the time and frequency of eating is very important. It gives specific guidelines on how to preserve one’s health free from pollution and malnutrition, and protect it from damage, deterioration and destruction. A much quoted hadith regarding over-indulgence in eating is that one should never fill up one’s stomach with food. The proportion recommended was one-third for food, one-third for water and one-third left empty for air or breathing. This makes perfect sense in modern day society, where obesity has become a pandemic.

Currently PM is becoming more and more popular together with complementary and alternative medicines in many Muslim countries including Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. The reason is that it is firmly embedded within wider religious belief systems and it closely corresponds to the patient’s ideological behavior from spiritual viewpoints. Furthermore, in many respects it is very similar to Unani medicines and it contains preventive aspects of health. The Prophet (?) made specific statements on 65 medicinal plants and herbs, out of which black cumin is the most important. Abu Hurayrah (RA) narrates that the Prophet (?) said:

“Black seed is the cure for all the diseases except death.” (Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Mâjah and Ahmad)


Black seed

Nigella sativa  (black seed or black cumin) is the only plant on the face of the earth on which highest number of studies had been carried out. The miracle seed has been used by millions of people throughout the ages  to treat various ailments in different parts of world. Since 1950, there have been over 5000 published and unpublished research studies involving black cumin. This confirms what Middle Eastern and North African cultures have known for thousands of years. So far 500 university research projects on black seed have been submitted by students for the award of higher degrees.

The above Prophetic statement generated tremendous interest among the world’s scientific community. Their question was, how an unlettered man of the desert without having any pen and paper, could make such a wonderful statement on medical science. Moreover, the Prophet (?) made the statement at a time when there was no chemistry, no science, no pharmacy. It was made at a time when scientific concept about the use of medicinal plants for the treatment of human illnesses was not developed until many centuries later. The statement finally led the scientific community to carry out extensive phytochemical and biological investigations on the black seed and its oil. The researchers conducted laboratory experiments using intact animals and isolated animal tissues. Clinical trials using human volunteers were also made to substantiate the validity of the statement. However, it is amazing that the researchers after carrying out hundreds of researches around the globe finally concluded that the Prophet’s statement is one hundred per cent true.

The most common reason for using Prophetic Medicine (PM) is that it is more affordable and easily obtainable. Currently PM is widely used as a rapidly growing health system due to divine blessings adhered to it. Although PM came into existence around the time of the Prophet (?), which continued to exist for several centuries, for unknown reasons it remained hidden from the Muslim Nation (Ummah). However, the Prophetic medicine is much cheaper, and there is no adverse or side effects of these medicines. Like traditional medicines, PM is widely perceived as natural and safe.

It is true that many people do not obtain the required benefit from using the Prophetic medicine. The reason might be due to failure of accepting it wholeheartedly through faith and submission. It might also be due to not believing firmly in its ability to cure an ailment. Similarly the Qur’an is the cure for what is in the hearts. If it is not accepted with true acceptance, the healing of the hearts will not be attained by its treatments. Rather, it only increases the hypocrites in evil on top of their evil, and disease on top of their disease. The Prophetic medicine is not suited except for wholesome bodies, just as the cure of the Qur’an is not suited except for good souls and hearts that are alive.

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