Difference Between Prophetic Medicine and Modern Medicine

Difference Between Prophetic Medicine and Modern Medicine

By Dr.Mosarraf Hossain

The Messenger of Allah (?) was neither a physician nor did he claim any aptitude for curing diseases for himself. Rather, he advised sick individuals to consult a physician. The vast number of Ahadith on diseases and remedies, health and wellness, as well as medical questions, which have been systematized by early Muslim writers, became known as at-Tibb an-Nabawi, the Medicine of the Prophet (?) or the Prophet’s medicine.

There is a great difference between the medicine of the Prophet (?) and the medicine of ordinary physicians. This difference is greater than that between the medicine of physicians and the medicine of itinerant quacks and old women. There is also a huge difference between medicine discovered by revelation and that discovered by experience and guess work.

The underlying difference between modern medicine and Prophetic medicine is that modern medicine is based on scientific laboratory research, while Prophetic medicine is based on divinely inspired words of therapy of the Prophet (?). Prophet’s medicines are based on revelation or divine wisdom. They were bestowed by Allah to the Prophet (?). They are scientific and proverbial. They are not based on speculation or results of laboratory experiments. They are based on the niche of prophecy and perfection of human intellect, whereas medicine of the ordinary physicians is based on conjecture, suppositions and experimentation. They are also based on experience and hearsay knowledge.

Most of the Prophetic medicines are natural. They are safe. They are preventive and herbal in nature. They are inexpensive, affordable and easily obtainable. On the other hand many modern medicines are obtained through a series of synthetic reactions. They have strong side effects. They are also very expensive  and ordinary people cannot afford. Examples are drugs for chemotherapy, AIDS, psychosis, etc. It is true that the effects of modern medicines are fast, but at the same time they may also affect other vital body organs. In many cases they are contraindicated in a variety of circumstances. However, unlike modern medicine Prophetic medicine  mostly contains preventive aspects of health.

The statements of the best doctors depend upon temperament, time, place and custom, but these limitations do not limit their speech and knowledge. Likewise, the statements of Muhammad (?), who is the all-truthful, are not limited. Nevertheless, at times, the Prophet (?) depended on the wisdom of  his disciples in earthly matters. There are three modalities of Prophetic medicine; physical medicine, spiritual medicine, and combination of physical and spiritual medicines.

The Prophetic way of treatment directs individuals and societies how to live a physically, mentally, and morally upright life free from illness and pollution. The Islamic legal system, derived from the Qur’an and Sunnah {traditions of the Prophet (?)}, aims at creating a healthy environment that will have a positive impact on an individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual development.

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