Principles of Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet (?)

Principles of Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet (?)

By Dr.Mosarraf Hossain

The Quranic principle of healing is that Allah is the Healer, and the doctors and the medicines are the means of healing. The Quran says in the tongue of Ibrahim (AS):

And when I am ill, it is He (Allah) Who heals (cures) me.(al-Shuara 26: 80)

The Islamic concept of healing is that a physician diagnoses an ailment and prescribes medicine(s); a pharmacist prepares the medicines and dispenses them to the patient. Ultimately, it is Allah, Who heals the ailment through the medicine. Jbir ibn Abdullh (RA) related from Allahs Messenger (?) that he said:

Every disease has medicine, and when the proper medicine is applied to the disease asper diagnosis, the disease gets healed by the will of Allah.(Muslim)

If medical ideas were not needed at that time, why did Almighty Allah address him as a mercy to humankind? Since Islam is the complete and eternal way of human life, which the most Gracious Allah has presented to humankind through Muhammad (?), the seal and leader of the Prophets, it is expected that the true guidance of the Prophet (?) should include all aspects of human life, including medicine and health, for the benefit of humankind during his transient stay on earth. Because man needs to remain well free from sickness to fulfill his brief mission on earth. After that time whether we like it or not, we have to return to Him. As light, wind and oxygen bestowed by Allah are for all living beings; similarly the Prophetic traditions on health & hygiene and disease & treatment are for the entire mankind. They are not only for the Muslims, but for the people of all nations and in all ages, irrespective of their religious beliefs, color, language and creed.

It is the discretion of the patients and their relatives to take the patients to the best, most experienced and highly skilled physician of the most sophisticated hospital of the world, but the physician cannot apply force or give any guarantee for the healing. For example, the president of a nation has fallen sick due to high fever; the army is under his command. Can he call the army with tanks and machine guns to fight with fever? No, not possible at all. Healing is not in the hands of physician or man. It is in the hands of Allah. If Allah does not wish healing, patient will not be healed, no matter the extent of medical services received from the physicians. The Quran says:

And if Allah should touch you with an affliction, nobody can remove it except He(al-Anam 6: 17)

This is a Quranic statement. Disease or sickness is an affliction. If Allah wants us to die through sickness, no board of doctors can prevent it. Let me ask the respected reader a simple question, those who go to Bangkok, Singapore, Madras or America for treatment, do they all not return home after cure or getting well? Examples of President Zillur Rahman, Abdul Jalil and Abdur Razzak, recently Mr Mohsin and Brig Hannan Shah. They all went to Singapore for superior treatment, but they were not cured; their dead bodies only reached home.

Medicine itself cannot cure someone. If medicine alone could cure sickness then why do people remain sick even after taking medicine? Let me give two examples. Why, out of four cancer patients who are on regular chemotherapy and radiotherapy, does two die after 6 months, while the other two get cured? Suppose there are ten children suffering from severe diarrhoea. Their causes of diarrhoea are the same and symptoms or manifestations are also similar, so the prescription were also similar. But after two weeks six get cured and four die? Why? Why not all of them got cured or all of them died. The answer is the same. Well, reader might have different explanation, but this is the truth.

In fact, medicine only works as long as it is Allahs will. If it is not Allahs will that a person should get better, then no medicine in the world will provide healing. Taking antibiotic after antibiotic does not guarantee a cure. It can only cause misery and discomfort to the patient. Therefore, one should not think that it is the medicine or the physician that has cured the person.

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