Spiritual sickness and spiritual medicines


Spiritual sickness and spiritual medicines

By Dr.Mosarraf Hossain

Spiritual sickness is the ailments of the heart. It is only the Prophets (as) and the Messenger (?) of Allah who provided appropriate remediesboth spiritual and emotionalfor the ailments of the heart. Spiritual sickness merely fosters strength of ones animal mind, desire, lust, carnality and wantonness.

It is difficult to cure the sickness of the heart. Illness of the heart comprises two types, the first is suspicion, error and doubt, and the second is desire, allurement and sin. Modern medicine is yet to address the illness of the heart. On the other hand, the Quran illumines both types of diseases. While mentioning about the diseases of doubt, Allah said:

In their hearts is disease, so Allah has increased their disease.. (Al-Baqarah 2: 10)

Many of our national leaders like President , Prime Minister, Opposition Leader or a minister who, when they go abroad for treatments, request the countrymen to pray for them with the belief that supplication of the people for healing will be granted by Allah. Let me give you an example of spiritual medicine of the Prophet (?). Several centuries ago, in the Indian subcontinent Mughal Emperor Babars son Humayun was very sick. All efforts by the physicians to cure him proved in vain. At last Babar prayed to Allah SWT,O Allah! Cure my son Humayun in lieu of my own life.Allah soon granted his prayer. Soon Babar fell ill and died at the age of only 47, and Humayun got cured and ascended to his fathers throne. History is the witness of this event.

Once Abu Bakr a?-?iddeeq (ra) was sick and the people around him asked,Shall we call a doctor for you?He replied,He has already seen me.Then they asked,What did he say to you?He replied:Indeed, your Lord does whatever He intends.(Hud 11: 107)

Hypocrisy, illegal desire for wealth and lust for other women beyond ones matrimonial home are the sickness of the heart. An example of spiritual sickness is illegal love between two married persons or robbing other peoples wealth illegally. Is there any modern medicine to treat these?

Prophet Yoosuf (alayhi assalm) was a man of true heart. He was free from sickness of the heart. He was able to differentiate between right and wrong in spite of severe provocation by a beautiful woman during his youth. Mahatma Ghandhi said, The world is sufficient to meet everybodys need, but not enough for everybodys greed.

In fact there is no medicine that can cure anyone who is sick with greed, and there is no physician who can heal anyone who is sick with ignorance. For example, lets imagine, one needs for a family of 5 persons for 60 years living 1 million dollar for sustenance, but his desire is to achieve $100 million by any means. Why this impossible desire which can hardly be achieved in a legal way?.

As for the remedies of the body, this is a part of the Prophets law. The remedies of the body should be used when needed. Other than that, it is better to spend the time and energy curing the illness of the heart and soul and preventing any harm from touching them. This is the ultimate goal that the Prophets mission seeks to achieve. It is a fact that curing the ills of the body without curing the heart does not work or benefit anyone. Curing the heart while the body is ill, however, does not cause extensive harm, because soon after, this harm will be removed and replaced with the ultimate, eternal benefit.

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