Prophetused medicine himself and prescribedmedicine forhis family andCompanions


Prophetused medicine himself and prescribedmedicine forhis family andCompanions

Yet, the type of medicines that Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam and his companions used to take was nothing like the chemical mixtures (compounds). Rather, the majority of their medicine consisted of only one ingredient. Sometimes, they would take another substance to assist the medicine or make it taste better. This was, and still is, the case with most of the medicine used by many cultures such as Arabs, Turks, Indians and nomads. The Romans and the Greeks, on the other hand, use a mixture of substances or remedies in their medicine.

The medical authorities agree that whenever an illness could be fixed with nourishment and diet, then medicine should be ignored. In addition, they agree that whenever it is possible to use only one substance or ingredient as a remedy, a compound remedyshouldnot be used. They agree that the body willbe harmedif doctors over prescribe the medicine. This is because the remedy might not find an illness to cure, or might find an illness that it cannot cure, or might be suitable for the illness, but an excess dose may be given, thereby compromising the health of the body.

The most experienced doctors use medications that consist of a single ingredient. The medication should besimilar or related to regular foods that the patient is used to eating. Cultures that consume one or only a few types of food in their regular diet, generally suffer from few illnesses, and they should not utilize compound medicines. Those who live in cities and whose diets are complex need medicines that are a mixture of several ingredients, as these are the types of medicines that most suit their illnesses, the ailments of people who live in deserts are usually simple and thus simple medications are suitable for them. These arguments impose the facts that are known in the medical profession.

Prophetic medicine has a divine element to it. This element makes comparing Prophetic medicine to the medicines offered by conventional doctors similar to comparing the medicine presented by the doctors of folk medicine. Thebest medicalauthorities agree to this fact, since the science that they excel in is a result of comparisons, experimentation, suggestions, visions and assumptions. Some of them state that their knowledge is acquired through the animal kingdom, for example they observe cats swallowing a poisonous creature and then watch it licking the oil in the lamp, thus neutralizing the effect of the poison. They in addition observe a snake that has something wrong with its eyes. The snake then wipes its eyes on fennel leaves and cures its condition. In addition, they observe some birds that sip seawater when constipated. There are many similar examples that doctors mention concerning their observations of nature.

This type of knowledge cannot be compared to revelation from Allah to His Messenger and which informs him of what is good for him and what is not. Comparing scientific knowledge to revelation is like comparing the rest of the sciences to what the Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam has been sent with. In fact, the Prophets provide us with a kind of medicine that the doctors can barley understand or reach by their experimentation, hypothesis and theories. The Prophets deliver remedies that heal the heart from whatever attacks it. These Prophetic remedies strengthen the heart and increase the reliance and dependence on Allah. It aids in seeking refuge, being humble and showing submissiveness to Him, begging Him, giving charity and supplicating to Him, it also includes repenting to Allah, seeking His forgiveness, being kind to His creation and helping those who are in desperate need and those who have suffered a calamity. These cures have been tried by various nations who have indeed found them curative, which the doctors can never offer as their own, either by experiments or scientific observations.

We have tried the healing ofTibb-e-Nabawiand found that they are more powerful than any type of regular medicine. It is a fact that comparingTibb-e-Nabawito what doctors prescribe is just like comparing regular medicine to folk medicine.

The hearts that are connected with the Lord of the Worlds-the Creator of the disease and its cure and He Who Controlsthe affairs ofeverything and everyone; require special types of remedies that are nothing like those required for such hearts that are not linked with their Lord. Furthermore, whenever the soul and the heart become stronger spiritually, they will cooperate to defeat the illness. How can anyone deny that the most effective cure for the ailment that afflicts the heart and soul occurs by feeling delight and joy when drawing closer to the Lord, loving Him, remembering Him, beingtotallydedicated and attentive to Him, depending on Himand seeking Hishelp? Only themostignorant peopledenythese facts, especiallythosewhohave the dullestintellect, theworst comprehension and who arethe farthest from Allah and from knowing the true reality of mankind’s creation. Soon after, Allah willing, we will mention the reason why recitingAl – Fatihah(the first chapter in the Quran) has removed the effects of a poisonous sting, enabling the poisoned person to stand up as if he never suffered pain.

We mill mention two types of Prophetic medicine in as much detail as possible, according to the limited strength, knowledge & resources available with us. We rely only on Allah for every good and righteous matter, while seeking His Bounty, for He is the Cherished Who Grants blessings without limit.

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