Why Prophetic Medicine is the Best?

Why Prophetic Medicine is the Best?

By Dr.Mosarraf Hossain

The divine knowledge is the best knowledge. All Prophets (as) were men of purity, piety, nobility and high morality. They were men of profound wisdom and knowledge who possessed the best minds and the best character. They were mature, sound in intellect, the most learned and the nearest to the truth among the creation. They were the best of humankind that Allah has chosen, just as Muhammad (?) is the best among all the messengers. Allah gave them unrivaled knowledge, discernment and wisdom; He blessed them with unparalleled wisdom and forbearing. Hence, the medicine prescribed or recommended by a man of divine character must be the best.

Medicine prescribed by an ordinary physicianmight be wrong. Even after a thorough investigation is made, prescription given by three doctors on the basis of the investigation reports might be entirely different. And it is impossible for for a patient to determine which one is wrong.It is unfortunate that at times modern physicians become unable to find out the actual cause of an ailment and thereby prescribe wrong medicine, but medicine prescribed by a Prophet (AS) cannot be wrong, because his prescription is divinely inspired.

Furthermore, in view of the increasing need of using Prophetic medicine, the Prophetic traditions on healing have been examined globally by both Muslim and non-Muslim scientists in the light of modern knowledge. But it is amazing that not a single statement of the Prophet (?) is found to be contradictory to the basic principles of modern medical science and pharmacy. That is why Prophetic medicine is the best.

Moreover, the remedies prescribed by the followers of the Prophets are better and more effective than the remedies of others.The Prophetic health guidelines ensure how to preserve ones health free from pollution and malnutrition and protect it from damage, deterioration and destruction. The aim of Prophetic medicine is to ensure that our health will always remain fine and excellent. We shall not be frequently attacked with diseases and also shall not suffer from obesity. As a result our OPE (out of pocket expenses) for healing will be much less.

Currently this system of treatment is becoming more and more popular in many Muslim countries including Bangladesh. The global Muslim Community is using Prophetic medicine due to divine blessings adhered to it. Many books have been written on the subject of Prophetic medicine. Therefore, following Prophetic lifestyle if inhabitants of a community (Madinah) could remain well free from sickness, diseases, affliction and pollution for nearly two years when there was no access to modern medicine or medical facilities, then why not in this time of scientific advancement? Therefore, it is very reasonable to opine that the world community, including the non-Muslims, should follow Prophet Muhammad (?) as the best guide in all matters including sickness and affliction.

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